Dental App – Minor Release

One of the dental practice management softwares I was responsible for was nearing the end of its product life-cycle. With a customer base of a few thousand offices, .

As the Product Manager and Scrum Master for the on-shore / offshore dev and QA team, I was determined to deliver as much value as I could to the customer base while I still had the chance.

The Problem:

As the PM of a fading software, what value could we deliver that could sustain our customer base for as long as possible?

Customer Feature Requests:

  • Better reporting
  • More comprehensive person/patient search
  • Make the important info more accessible – less clicks
  • Performance improvements

Business Objectives:

  • Reduce attrition rates by:
    • Regulatory updates
    • Fix long-standing bugs

The Actions:

In order to understand what would make the biggest impact, I had to use my UX research experience and collaborate with customers to understand where the missing value lies.


Product Manager Deliverables:

Release Plan:

  • I use creative data visualization to get stakeholder and dev team buy-in
  • This helped communicate details early to other functional areas prepare their deliverables for release
  • Documents like this can help speed up release and sprint planning meetings as well

Wireframes and Prototypes:

In order to get buy-in from stakeholders, I needed customer back-up! I created prototypes and mock-ups to share with our brain-trustees to make sure that there was real value being delivered.

Features and User Stories:

The features and the user stories included within them act as the blueprint for the release. I try to give developers access to these items as soon as they are complete in order to get them thinking about any questions or technical hurdles. Once they are groomed and sized, we have a way to measure how long the features are estimated to take.