Dental App – Mobile

Out-of-office workflows for dental providers are crucial for them to provide the best care for their patients. The app I helped create would provide a dentist with information about their patients and the office’s schedule while they are away from their computer.

The Problem:

Dental providers need patient and office information when out-of-the-office to provide cohesive care, even after normal work hours. Our current product line is missing that out-of-office solution for our customers.

The Actions:

Workflow Research and Feature Design:

These critical details were broken out into a few different features:

  • Medical Alerts:
  • Next & Previous Appointment details for a patient
  • Last Completed Procedures for a patient
UX Toolkit Used:

  • Workflow Diagrams: Collaborated between users to map out the common workflows
    • Checking Medical Alert Workflow:

  • Beta testing: Finding beta testers was easy and feedback was plentiful. I took some analysis of the data to drill down to the really valuable pieces that we could include in the final release

Visual / Interaction Designer:

I was responsible for the visual and interaction design of the features I worked on for the dental workflows mobile app.

UX & Visual Design Toolkit:

  • Layout & Prototyping: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD
  • Stakeholder & brain-trust interviews: held weekly workflow review meetings
  • Design spec documentation: crucial for communicating with the development team
  • Cross-functional team collaboration: collaborated with the marketing department on the color palette

Feature Set:

Medical Alerts:

One of the most important pieces of information a Dr. needs to know about their patients is the patient’s medical alerts. This can mean a life or death situation if things were to go awry.


Previous and Next Procedure:

Recently Completed Procedures:

Appt List Item Spec Examples:

Button Spec:


The Result:

The UX for the app was well-received by our customers. Feedback gathered provided info on the layout, visual design, and functionality. Our plan was to iterate on the initial design to solve the bugs and provide additional functionality.


Bonus: Application Icon

I designed the app icon as well. This was featured in the Google and Apple App Store.


App Icon – Sketch Concepts:


App Icon – Sketch Concepts v2: